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We have a new name and website:
"Just Jubilant Havanese"

** Feel free to click on the link directly below to be re-directed to
our new site that is kept very current.
Thank you.


email: lkjustason@gmail.com

Phone: (319) 530-9033


Our puppies are placed directly
from our home to yours.

(We do not sell to brokers or pet stores.)

Same excellent quality in our dogs/puppies,
just changed the name to what best describes
our one toy breed that we have specialized in
for years.

"Just Jubilant Havanese"
Jubilant best describes our Havanese:
(happy & bouncy, feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph)
"Just Jubilant Havanese" is owned and operated by Linda Justason, along with the assistance of my Family to ensure that each puppy along with their Mommy and Daddy receives the utmost quality in their health, exercise and TLC.  Our children's love for the puppies also plays an important role in ensuring much socialization.  I am a stay at home Mom/Housewife and absolutely enjoy raising & placing these adorable little puppies into
your homes to give you and your families many years of joy, entertainment & companionship.


Age appropriate Health Testing
is done on all our
"Moms & Dads" for

(Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)



We Only Raise Quality,
Health Tested, Purebred
AKC (Toy Breed) Havanese Puppies.

Havanese make Wonderful, Friendly Companions.
(Well Balanced Family Dogs)
As puppies they adapt very well to their new family,
including most of the other pets that may already
reside there.  They are playful and thrive on the
attention that children may offer. 
also enjoy lap time, and their silky,
(bunny-so-soft, fluffy) hair coat makes
snuggle-time soooo inviting.
They are extremely intelligent and eager to please,
which helps out tremendously in the
house-breaking/training process. 
Being a Non-Shedding breed, is only a major plus
to the many, many wonderful qualities of the
Havanese Breed.